Home Sweet Home


The project was created at the request of SixtyEight, in order to thank its previous neighbourhood, Amager East, which hosted the exhibition space for the first four years of its existence. The project aimed to gain a better understanding of what home means for young people aged between 14 and 16 living in Amager, who have a multifaceted cultural background.

The Content:

Home, in this case, is considered "as the place where one best knows oneself - where best means most" (Rapport and Dawson, 1998). Therefore, home may be located in a routine set of practices, in a repetition of habitual social interactions, in styles of dress, in spending time with one person, in a physical place and much more.
The participants were invited to unfold the untold story of their lives contained by the concept of home.

The Medium:

Photography was chosen for the freedom that it grants. It was considered necessary to provide a tool of expression that was new and known at the same time. Known since youngsters are used to shooting pictures with their phones, and new since it was decided to use analogue cameras.
Analogue film was chosen because it possesses a materiality that digital does not. The choice of black and white is explained by the need to focus not so much on the colour, but more on the essential feeling that a photo can transmit.

The Format:

The project was developed as a weekend workshop lasting 4 weeks. During this time frame it was possible to create a good level of trust and commitment. The format of interactive and short sessions allowed the participants to gain knowledge about photography, by being exposed to photos made by professional photographers and discussing them, and becoming familiar with the process of developing films. Moreover, the short sessions, about 2-3 hours, were perceived as a commitment which wouldn’t interfere with their free time.

The Participants:

Thanks to Clifford Phillips, who works at Buret, an after school institution, five participants were selected. Clifford, who knows a great many of the youngsters in the Amager East area, talked to some of them and selected the ones who seemed most interested in taking part in the project.

The project, exhibition, and catalogue were realised with the help and support of: Clifford Philips, Buret ved Ungehuset, and Amager Øst Lokaludvalg.