Diamond Dreams

For the 3rd International Conference on Time Perspective I was asked to produce a piece which could entangle the different dimensions of time - past, present, and future. Therefore I created an interactive piece, in which the audience was asked to experience the art piece by immersing their hands in wood shavings in order to find an object connected with the present moment, and from that object imagine what it could represent in connection to the past, while reflecting upon their dreams for the future. Shown below are the responses I received. The title 'The dream in the box' refers to past, while the title 'Your dream' refers to the person's own future.

The Narrative of Fears

Through this multimedia installation, I sought to tackle what fears are, how they are produced, both culturally and physically, and how they can be used to manipulate people. Within this framework, I created two videos: in the first one I presented how fears are used on a political level to control people, while in the second one, I talked about fears on a personal level, while performing a routine, daily activity. Through the inclusion of a model of the human brain, the installation also offered a very material visualization of a very intangible sensation. The final element of the installation was a photo booklet which aimed to positively inspire the audience to find their own personal way to deal with fears.