Seing Life Through Someone Else's Eyes


The Content:

The project was developed together with KøbenhavnerTeamet, a community outreach group, and Lavuk Stjernen, which is an umbrella organisation encompassing four independent institutions that offer daytime activities to people with physical disabilities. The title or the topic of this project was precisely to try to place oneself in another’s shoes. The idea behind this workshop was to challenge these reactions. By shaking the participants’ filters and conceptions about diversity and disabled people, we expected them to create a multiple corpus of work which could deconstruct stereotypes and invite the audience to rethink their conception of what is normal and what is not normal.

The Medium:

Photography was chosen as a tool of investigation and medium of expression, because it allows spontaneous and immediate communication of a situation while giving freedom.

The Format:

The workshop was held in different locations: KøbenahvnerTeamet’s facility, where most of the participants spend a lot of time, Lavuk Stjernen’s facilities, in order for the users of Lavuk Stjernen to show and explain their daily routine to KøbenhavnerTeamet’s users. Each session included sharing a meal together, in order to strengthen the relationship between the different participants, allowing them to socialize in a more relaxed and spontaneous way.

The Participants:

Københavnerteamet’s participants were selected by Meike Ørndrup and Sami El Shimy, who are two of the social workers of the Københavnerteamet organization. The disabled participants were selected by Camilla Panting and Mille Nordstrand who work at “Venskabsforeningen for Lavuk Stjernen” and Lavuk Stjernen.