This project was created for the Danish Museum of Immigration in Farum, and is part of an initiative called 'Sæt kultur i spil', organised by six municipalities in the Greater Copenhagen area.
It was used as a tool to investigate and better understand the social environment of Farum Midtpunkt, which is located close to the museum.

The Concept:

The theme of friendship was chosen because it gives to the youngsters a way to freely express something that is very personal and emotional.
At the same time, friendship encompasses activities which take place in space and time, and thus can been recorded with a camera.
In this project friendship is considered “as a relationship based on mutual affection and benevolence between two individuals who share a common interests and thus partly live together” Anne-Laure Crepel (2014). In this way, friendship informs the identity of the youngsters and helps them to get to know themselves better.

The Medium:

An analogue camera was chosen as the tool of expression and practice in order to challange the youngsters with something unsual and of potential interest, and which was both new and familiar. Black and white film was used, both for artistic pursposes and practical reasons: in the first case because the absence of colours makes both the photographer and the observer more focused on the composition and shapes; the second case simply because it is possibile to develop the black and white film without the use of a dark room, using just a daylight tank.

The Format:

The workshop was held twice per week during the months of May and June. It was structured in an interactive way and the sessions therefore encompassed various activities: shooting pictures together, analysing images taken by professional photographers, becoming familiar with the camera and the various techniques for shooting pictures, developing the films, and talking about the pictures.
The workshop was supplemented by activities in Copenhagen, such as the scanning of the negatives, and two visits to the Copenhagen Photo Festival which were undertaken as an alternative method of involving the participants in the art of photography and as source of inspiration.

The Participants:

The youngsters got to know about the project through Rainbow, a youth club which is located in Farum Midtpunkt.
The director, Karin, asked some of them if they would be interested in taking part in a photographic workshop, and then the news spread among friends and acquaintances.
There was an initial presentation of the project’s program at the end of April, and the workshop started thereafter.

The results of the project were exhibited in the Danish Museum of Immigration from the 31st of July until the 20th of October 2015.

The project, the exhibition and the catalogue were realized with the support of the Danish Museum of Immigration.