Photo Workshop, 2018
In collaboration with Søren Bjørn Larsen and Louise Helner Venset from U-Turn, an organisation which offers prevention and treatment for young people who have a problematic use of substances.

Photo making becomes part of a 5-week group therapy.
Shooting pictures, being able to reflect on them: explaining artistic and content choices and writing texts to supplement the visual, are key elements. The participants learn to be more aware of their emotional and physiological worlds. In addition the experience strengthens the bonds between them.

Tangible Outcomes:
• Series of visual narratives.
• Exhibition in U-Turn, the main entrance.
• Publication of an analytical catalogue collecting the visual narratives and insights from the process.
• Co-written article published in STOF, n. 31, Efterår 2018

Funded by: BUPL and U-Turn