Seeing Life Through Someone Else's Eyes

Photo Workshop, 2016
In collaboration with social worker Meike Ørndrup, the social worker organisation Københavnerteamet, Lavuk Stjernen, an organisation for people with disabilities, and SixtyEight Art Institue.

The participants are divided into 4 groups and different activities are organized, black and white film becomes a tool to document and investigate their shared experiences, while fighting prejudice towards people with disabilities and non-ethnic Danish youngsters.

Tangible outcomes:
• Series of visual narratives.
• Exhibition at SixtyEight Art Institute as part of Copenhagen Photo Festival.
• Exhibited at Folkemødet 2016 as an example of succesful co-creation.
• Publication of an analytical catalogue collecting the visual narratives and insights from the process.

Funded by: Nørrebro Lokaludvalg