Understanding Other People's Worlds Through Art

Projects so far

How are the projects executed?


Research is a key element at every stage of a project. Research involves understanding the context you are operating in and the culture and expectations of your stakeholders. It includes both bibliographic research before approaching a new field and active research in the field, where various ethnographic techniques are applied. Research is also an attitude, in which flexibility and active listening are crucial aspects in re-adapting and re-shaping the project.


Creating a concrete experience that aims at shaking conventions and convictions, encompasses communicating and facilitating content in an extraordinary way. In this scenario facilitating incorporates elements which motivate and inspire the participants. Facilitating also refers to the process of creating the conditions in which different stakeholders can establish a relationship and co-create a project, while respecting each other’s expectations and cultures.


All the projects need to be evaluated in order to measure the impact and, even more importantly, to learn lessons that can help all the stakeholders to improve the range of services they offer. The evaluation of art-based projects mostly involves qualitative tools, since using art in different contexts leads to changes in quality of life. It is a collegial moment of reflection and understanding, and is not only relegated to the end of the process. In fact continuous evaluation allows the projects to attain a better overall quality.


Communicating the results not only to the general public but also to the main stakeholders. This phase not only includes organising, curating and setting up art exhibitions or film premieres in collaboration with the various partners, but also the formulating of written material in the shape of catalogues and publications.



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